If you could change any one piece of outdated etiquette, what would it be? It can be either stopping a rule we have now, creating a new one, or just saying we should say hi to strangers when we pass!

For mine I’m picking this: wedding etiquette. Since weddings are no longer celebrations between you and the 1950s jock you’re marrying at 19, and you have all the house shit you need cause you’re a self functioning adult and all the wedding guests are friends and family who live 10 miles away, I say this is the new rule:

You do not have to buy a wedding gift if this is a destination wedding (i.e. a location where neither the bride or groom live) or if you have to fly/travel to get there and pay to stay there.  The world has changed.  People live all the fuck all over and spending hundreds and thousands of dollars to come to your wedding IS THE GODDAMN GIFT.